PDR is a process for removing minor dents and dings from the body of an automobile. The most common methods of paintless dent repair utilize metal rods and body picks to push the dents out from the inner side of the body panel. Also, the hot glue system may be used from the outside of the panel to pull the dents out. In either case, fine-tuning of the repair often involves “tapping” down the repair to remove small high spots, making the surface flat.

Paintless Dent Repair may be used on both aluminum and steel panels and does not damage the paint or metal. The dents will not come back. Fluorescent lighting is the best option for highlighting the damage, although a light-reflection board will often be used outside. An untrained eye will miss around half the number of hits by hail, and the best repair will be made in our shop at Dent Masters with proper lighting and all the necessary tools. Mobile technicians tend to have to work with sub-optimal conditions, with fewer tools, and out in the elements.

Dents often look like they might just “pop” out, or even suggestive of a suction cup. The major portions of dents may come out rather quickly, but the art of PDR is involved in removing that last 25% of the dent. Technicians understand how the metal moves and know where and when to push a particular area of the dent. You don’t always start with the low spot. This often means tapping down high spots with specialized hammers. An untrained individual can permanently damage a vehicle panel if attempting a repair.

To gain proper access to the backside of panels it is often necessary to remove and install exterior/interior trim and panels. With hail the headliner is often dropped. This requires extensive knowledge and should be done by a professional. Technicians and specialized R&I assistants are experts at this process.

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